We would love to hear about your wonderful game. If you have a board or card game in the works and are looking for a company to pitch to, we are here for you. We understand how much your game means to you and how much time and effort went into designing your work of art. This is why we are now accepting game submissions for consideration for development and publishing.  We are extremely excited to see what you have. We are not sharks, we won't bite. We will provide feedback on your game, of  which you can use or not. Our goal with this venture is to help new designers find there way and provide them with safe, engaging, and understanding feedback.

If we love your game, we can even help to develop or publish it for you. 


"How do I pitch my game? That sounds hard."

It couldn't be easier. Just email us at UPSIZEFUN@GMAIL.COM 

In your email, be sure to include;

                             - Name of the game

                             - Elevator Pitch

                             - Sell Sheet Attached

After you send your email, give us some time to look it over. We will then reach out to you with our thoughts and feedback.

We also would like to ensure that your game idea and information will be handled with the greatest care. Again, we understand the work and dedication put into your game, so we want to respect that. 

We can't wait to see your UpSize Dream!

Kind Regards,

UpSize Fun Games Company

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