Fast and fun dice rolling wrestling game. VHS Wrestling seeks to capture the thrill of a great match and wrestling event a put it in an easy to learn game with simple dice rolling. Anyone can have a 5 star match in VHS Wrestling. Wrestle to build up three Momentum points. The first wrestler to do so has a chance to perform a Finishing move. The match is not over though, the opponent can reverse or block the finisher. Even if you land the move, you still have to the count of 3. 


Fast Rounds

Players roll their die. The higher number gains MOMENTUM (MTM). Now that they have MTM, they can build up to perform their FINSIHER.

Simultaneous Play

With simultaneous play, there is no down time. Players roll their dice together. Matches play out over the course of multiple rolls.

Show Booking

With VHS Wrestling's Booking System, events will change, matches will be different, and rivalries will develop. When a wrestler wins, they receive a VHS. When it is time for a PPV, the wrestler with the most VHS tapes can cash in for a title shot. 

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