Hello! Thank you for visiting Upsize Fun. We are really excited about seeing you. We love making games. Ever since I was a little kid, I have been making games. Using cardboard and items around the house I would share my games with others. Sure, some of them were not great, but I got better and better. I always loved creating little worlds I could get lost in. It was such an adventure. I could be a soldier in a battle, a monkey in a tree, or a treasure hunter exploring the ancient world. (All of which I made games about) Point is, if I could dream it, I could make it. 

      Now with means to do so, my family and I are creating those fun adventures and worlds for you. Nothing would make us happier than seeing others enjoy a game we made. Creating memories, friendships, and lasting traditions.

      We are a very small team. My wife, Robin supports my crazy passion. My daughter, Abby, is the newest member at Upsize Fun. She has been hired as Director of Fun.  

      Thank you so much for your interest in Upsize Fun. Please feel free to contact us below or find us on twitter and Instagram @UpSizeFun. We will answer any questions you have.



Director of Fun

Abigail is our newest member at Upsize Fun. She is full of life and ensures that all games and products we produce get the Upsize Fun stamp of approval.



Play Tester

Amazing Person

Biggest Supporter

Robin and I met in 2006. We married in 2015 and just welcomed to this world our first child. Abigail Rose Craven. Robin is a kindergarten teacher and has a passion for teaching. Robin is a big proponent of making learning fun. If we have an opportunity to educate with our games, Robin will be the first to highlight it.



Game Maker

"You become old when you stop playing."

I love games and just having fun with friends and family. Board games provide a way to bond, problem solve, and build memories with the ones you care about. 


With Upsize Fun, I will strive to create fun and engaging games that families can enjoy. Paying special attention to streamlined rules and fun themes. 

I have met some wonderful people in the board game world and would love to extend an invitation to you to join me on my journey to create and publish fun, family board games.