Hello! Thank you for visiting us. We are really excited about seeing you. We love making games. Ever since we were little kids, we have been making games. Using cardboard and items around the house we would share our games with others. Sure, some of them were not great, but we got better and better. We always loved creating little worlds we could get lost in. It was such an adventure. We could be soldiers in a battle, monkeys in trees, or treasure hunters exploring the ancient world. (All of which we made games about) Point is, if we could dream it, we could make it. 

      Now with means to do so, we are creating those fun adventures and worlds for you. Nothing would make us happier than seeing others enjoy a game we made. Creating memories, friendships, and lasting traditions.

      We are a very small team. We will be working with The Game Crafter for production and distribution at this time. They are such a great company. The quality is amazing. You are purchasing quality games that will last. 

      Thank you so much for your interest in Upsize Fun Company. Please feel free to contact us below or find us on twitter @UpSizeFunCo We will answer any questions you have.

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